Uccello Chalice This week our course “Perspective and the Geometry of Vision” reaches its halfway point; by request we’ve added links to some of the materials we’ve used so far to the FAMC Moodle — students with access can get to the folder directly by following this link.

The six-week course explores historical practices of perspective drawing as attempts to capture a “geometry of vision”. We use practical (sometimes impractical!) experiments and hands-on drawing, and through these we encounter some mathematical ideas from projective geometry. This material is also presented as part of an intensive Short Course in the summer.

We’ll be adding resources to the folder as the course goes on. More helpfully, though, we’ve been awarded some funding from Sigma to write up detailed coursebooks for this and the Autumn’s “Euclidean Geometry”. These will contain a lot more information and be structured to be comprehensible even if you’re not doing the course, so we hope they’ll be helpful to those who couldn’t get a place this time around. These should be available in May 2015.