FAMC-making-with-maths After the Easter break we’ll be offering a new 5-week workshop course on algorithms and computing for people who’ve never programmed before. We’ll focus on showing you fundamental principles and skills that will put you in a good position to experiment and play around with code on your own.We liked this talk (embedded below) by Steven Wittens, which emphasises the view of maths and code as toys you can learn about by playing with them.At the end he mentions Processing, the framework we’ll use on the course. You can see some examples of things artists and designers have done with Processing here.For example, the image for this post shows a computer-controlled loom weaving an artwork by Phillip Stearns. The piece involved writing an algorithm in Processing to read and visualise the contents of his computer’s memory. Automated looms were one of the most important predecessors of the programmable computer.
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