We’re excited to report that this year’s Big Space exhibition will give Fine Art students at Central Saint Martins a chance to explore and demonstrate how their practice relates to a wide range of mathematical topics. Students have been invited to submit proposals that reflect on the role of mathematics within their practice, whether it relates to their work conceptually, underpins its construction or has some other relationship with it.

Far from being the special preserve of a few, mathematical themes are now seen across the artworld. That’s hardly surprising: in the twenty first century mathematical structures and processes seem more ubiquitous than ever before. The maths we learned at school offers very poor preparation and new strategies (artistic, educational and otherwise) are emerging in response.

We expect to see a wide and exciting variety of responses. Some of them may reflect themes the Fine Art Maths Centre has been developing over the past three years in its workshops and tutorials. Others, we hope, will surprise and challenge us with subject-matter, approaches and ideas we hadn’t considered previously.

The Big Space event is a great opportunity to make large-scale or unusual works for the triple-height atrium at the heart of Granary Square (pictured). We’re also inviting past and present participants on our Introduction to Programming course to create new programmes for the computerised fountains in the plaza outside — see Moodle for details on how to get involved with that.

To students: The call for Big Space went out by email last week; the deadline for submissions is Friday 11th March, and will be supported by a drop-in FAMC session on 9th March, 2pm – 6pm in room A117 (located in the library) as well as the usual one-to-one tutorials bookable through Moodle.

[Image: Paolo Ferrarini via Flickr Creative Commons]