This term, some of our Central Saint Martins students have been working on digital projects for an exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in London’s West End. the show runs from 10-13 May and the artists will be there for the public opening at 4pm on the 10th. More details here and directions here.

They’re second-year BA Fine Art students taking “Unit 7”, a module designed (in part) to introduce students to working with external institutions. Our project involves creating videos for display on the “media wall”, a street-visible bank of high-resolution flat screens that often plays host to cutting-edge digital artworks.

Our students are mostly new to coding, having had a crash course in Processing (a variant of Java) or taught themselves using our online materials. For almost all this will be their first completed, full-scale coding-based project. To do that in such a high-profile context, and with only a few weeks from initial ideas to installation, is a pretty tall order but they’ve all risen to the challenge and are producing a diverse body of work.

Most are working in Processing but a couple are using machine learning (in Python) and one is using the 3D game engine Unity, which is a popular choice among art students. All are learning new skills and stretching their art practice in new and challenging directions.

The image for this post is a cropped version of Sixteen, (c) Troy Rosewell 2018.