This term, some of our Central Saint Martins students produced digital artworks for an exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in London’s West End. Their work was shown on the media wall in the gallery’s lobby 10-13 May 2018.

The image above shows the piece installed in the gallery. Here is Ceri Wyn Jones’s description of her work:

Kiwis, Ketchup & Kale – Frigid acts as a portal into the contents of my fridge between the dates of (13/04/18) to (22/04/18). It explores the use of possessions and their data stance by using them as portraiture to look into someone’s body. The work questions the conventional sexuality of foodstuffs and foods sexual reputation in modern pop culture by stripping them back to their “frigid” selves, using a cubic, structured and controlled environment.

Ceri was new to the coding but bravely dived straight into Processing’s less-than-straightforward 3D mode for this project.