This term, some of our Central Saint Martins students produced digital artworks for an exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in London’s West End. Their work was shown on the media wall in the gallery’s lobby 10-13 May 2018.

Here is Femi Adeleye’s description of her work:

I’ve become fixated on the term ‘machine vision’ particularly in relation to the
tumblr blogs I follow. I’m definitely emotionally invested in their existence as I
have watched these very personal visual diaries grow and evolve over months,
years and literally thousands of images. Now in the shadow of privacy
controversies these data diaries seem more precious than ever. But what do
you even do with ten-thousand plus images on a K-pop blog? How can you
begin to convey the time and emotion spent curating these archives? What
does it look like, does it even look like anything at all?

Femi is a graduate of our intensive Processing course but has since branched out into other programming languages; this project used a DCGAN (Deep Convolutional Adversarial Network) to generate new faces from a large body of online examples.